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Hellblazer - The Roots Of Coincidence

Auteur(s) Andy Diggle (scénario), Leonardo Manco & Giuseppe Camuncoli (dessin)
Editeur (collection)
Date de parution
19 May 2009
Prix 14.99 $
Nombre de pages
Episodes VO Hellblazer #243-244, 247-249
Correspondance VF Inédit

John Constantine is an unconcerned, somewhat amoral occultist with a British working-class background. He's a hero of sorts, who manages to come out on top through a combination of luck, trickery, and genuine magical skill.

In this volume, Constantine must discover who has been manipulating events around him. But he must first understand his own relationship to the web of synchronicity that binds his life. To do so, he will tap into a source of terrifying and blasphemous power and what it reveals will change his life forever.

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