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Comics – News | is the source for Marvel comics, digital comics, comic strips, and more featuring Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men and all your favorite superheroes.
  • The Punisher: Blackout

    Start spreading the news…Frank Castle’s leavin’ today. The Punisher Road Trip 2017 comes to an end in issue #14 of writer Becky Cloonan’s PUNISHER with Frank’s triumphant return home to the Big Apple as well as guest art by Kris Anka. While criminals can’t say they’ve missed his unique brand of vigilante justice, they’ve been […]

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  • Iceman: The Parent Trap

    Bobby Drake returns on July 26 in ICEMAN #3, written by Sina Grace with art by Alessandro Vitti, to face his scariest opponent yet: his parents. In this new series Bobby’s life remains a bit complicated despite his desperate attempts to find both self and general acceptance, de-stress his life outside of the X-Men and […]

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  • Marvel Legacy Changes the Comic Book Industry

    Get ready for a new dawn True Believers—one whose rays will touch every corner of the Marvel Universe in the days to come! Get ready for the return of what you’ve been longing for—and more! Prepare for the debut of MARVEL LEGACY! “A new initiative that will take things back to our iconic history, with a […]

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  • Download Episode 295 of This Week in Marvel

    True Believers, pump it up with the latest episode of This Week in Marvel, the official Marvel podcast! We’ve got a spectacular week of all things Marvel for you — first, Ryan and Ben take on this week’s comic releases including IRON MAN, SECRET EMPIRE, SPIDER-MAN, and more! Ben gets some Secret Empire #4 hot takes from Tom Brevoort and Alanna Smith (1:19:18). Over on […]

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  • First Look: Astonishing X-Men #1

    On July 19, Charles Soule and Jim Cheung present ASTONISHING X-MEN #1! But get your exclusive first look at pages from the issue right now! ASTONISHING X-MEN #1 Writer: Charles Soule Artist/Cover: Jim Cheung Only the X-Men can save us! An ancient evil is attacking the world’s most powerful minds. It will have them by the […]

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  • Flashback Friday: Ego

    Every Friday we use the powers of Marvel Unlimited to look back at the very first appearance of a major character, place or object that made waves this week. In the pages of this week’s ULTIMATES 2 #8, Al Ewing and Aud Koch brought two powerful cosmic entities into conflict once again as Galactus faced […]

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  • Celebrating Star Wars #18

    We all know that the first Star Wars film changed the face of pop culture forever when it hit theaters 40 years ago today—but it’s not just the movie that’s celebrating that milestone in 2017. Star Wars comics arrived with force in 1977, and hundreds of issues later, they’re more popular now than ever. To […]

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  • Follow the History of Spider-Man Pt. 8

    For over 50 years, Spider-Man has been a sensational standout in the Marvel Universe, and this summer, the web-slinger swings onto the silver screen once more in “Spider-Man: Homecoming”! In celebration of this stories history, we present Spidey’s spectacular step-by-step story! After exposing the wily Chameleon at a gala event in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #80, Spider-Man […]

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