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  Warren Ellis (scénario), Mike Deodato Jr. (dessins)
Editeur (Collection)
  Marvel Comics
Date de parution
  Février 2008
  19.99 $
Nombre de pages
Episodes VO
  Thunderbolts #110-115; Thunderbolts: Desperate Measures;
 Civil War: Choosing Side ''Switching Sides''; Civil War: The Initiative
Correspondance VF
  Spider-Man #94-99 (Éditions Panini)



Venom, lethal protector! The enigmatic Moonstone! Bullseye, the man who never misses! Songbird, mistress of sound! Chen Lu, the Radioactive Man! Swordsman, master of the blade! The mystery man called Penance! And Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin! They're America's newest celebrities, ready to take to the skies at a moment's notice in pursuit of those secret, unregistered superhumans hiding among us! They're All-New, All-Deadly Thunderbolts - making the world a safer place for ordinary people one would-be costumed hero at a time! In the wake of Civil War, Warren Ellis and Mike Deodato present a dark and disturbing take on Marvel's Most Wanted, where the line between hero and villain is difficult to find - if it exists at all! Collects Thunderbolts #110-115, Thunderbolts: Desperate Measures, & Thunderbolts stories from Civil War: Choosing Sides and Civil War: The Initiative.

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