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Chronicles Of Wormwood - The Last Enemy

Garth Ennis (scénario), Rob Steen (dessin)
Editeur (Collection)
Avatar Press
Date de parution
Octobre 2007
7.99 $
Nombre de pages
Episodes VO
The Chronicles Of Wormwood : The Last Enemy
Correspondance VF


The Chronicles of Wormwood continues in this all-new original graphic novel that picks up right after the original trade paperback! Wormwood, Jimmy, and Jay all return and the world hasn't gotten any better since their last adventure. Wormwood still produces questionable TV shows and pines for Maggie, his lost love. The boys all share drinks at their favorite pub and try to get on with their lives, but Pope Jacko has his own plans for Wormwood. In order to dispatch the Anti-Christ once-and-for-all, he calls upon his finest Holy assassin, Brother One, the Killer Eunuch!

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