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The Simping Detective

Auteur Simon Spurrier (scénario), Frazer Irving (dessin)
Editeur (Collection)
 2000 AD
Date de parution
 15 Septembre 2007
Prix 11,99 £
Nombre de pages
Episodes VO
 Judge Dredd Megazine #220-226, 234-239, 253-257


The Simping Detective


MEGA-CITY ONE, 2129 AD. Simped-up private eye Jack Point is an undercover ‘Wally Squad’ Judge – ‘cos only a clown would want to walk the streets of Angeltown, the scuzziest part of City Bottom. He’s got two friends in this world, one’s long and hard, and makes your ears ring after every shot; the other’s his gun. In fact, Jack’s got enemies on both sides of the Law, and he’s never far from trouble.

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